DRAM performance at a glance.

Contaminant & DRAM removal Efficiency:

BOD Up to 95%
COD Up to 95%
Ammonium Up to 90%
Arsenic Up to 95%
Chromium Up to 99%
Copper Up to 99%
Chlorinated Solvents Up to 99%
Explosives Up to 99%
Mercury Up to 95%
Phenoxyacid herbicides Up to 99%
Uranium Up to 99%
Zinc UP to 95%


What type of contaminants can DRAM remove from wastewater?
-DRAM can simultaneously remove inorganic and organic contaminants, including dissolved metals and organic solvents.  DRAM can significantly reduce BOD and COD of your waste water stream.

Does DRAM require any additional chemicals?

-No, DRAM is installed ready to use.

Does DRAM require electrical power?
-Not usually.  DRAM is installed in an area where the process can benefit from pre-existing pumped stream, or ideally, the waste water is gravity-fed through the system

What type of infrastructure is required to implement DRAM?
-None.  We install DRAM around your existing treatment process.  Our standard DRAM module is 1.2m2 and are stackable up to 4 unit high.  However bespoke modules can be designed depending on customer requirement.

How much waste water can be treated using DRAM?
-Each DRAM module typically treats 1m3/hour.  Modules are scalable, and can be installed in multiples.

How often should the DRAM modules be changed out?
-Typically DRAM will require replenishment every 3 months, depending on the waste water stream characteristics.  Epona Technologies will remove and replace with fresh modules as required.

Who is responsible for maintenance of the DRAM system?
-Epona Technologies will determine from our computer model; from your waste water characteristics, and from your water flow rate, the interval between change and arrange with you a replenishment and disposal schedule.

What happens to spent DRAM?
-DRAM is replenished by removing spent material and replacing with fresh.  Epona Technologies remove the spent DRAM and arranges for its responsible disposal.  Wherever possible we will transport it to a waste to energy plant. 

How much does DRAM cost?
-Epona Technologies provide a bespoke service to suit your waste water requirement. As the DRAM system is modular it can be adapted to suit a wide range of flow rates and contaminants.  Prices are competitive and are based on monthly rate per unit.  Do call us to discuss your needs.