DRAM is novel technology.

DRAM uses the by-product of the whisky industry to clean wastewaters.

DRAM technology was initially developed for working with solvent impacted waters but trials have revealed the product to be much more flexible in application and deployment.

DRAM is sustainable because it makes use of a natural product that is planted, harvested and treated using the highest quality control procedures.


Dr. Leigh Cassidy is the primary inventor of DRAM and developed this during a NERC Industrial studentship.  The work was applied mainly to the facility at AWE Aldermaston where Leigh developed an interest in the measurement, toxicity, fate and remediation of chlorinated solvents. She is a strong technology champion and prior to coming to University as a mature student she has experience at a range of levels in retail and business.  One of her greatest skills is communicating with clients and relating detailed technical responses to their needs and objectives.

Professor Graeme Paton is the Principal Investigator (and co-inventor) on this project and has developed a research team that have many years of experience of working together.  His main research focuses on the detection, fate and remediation of pollutants in terrestrial systems and he had published over 80 papers in peer reviewed journals.  As a Reader at the University of Aberdeen he has experience working with a training the highest quality graduates as well as delivering CPD courses for industry and government.  He is a co-founder and Technical Director of the spin-out company Remedios and has used this experience in formulating the science and commercial aspects that underpin the opportunities of DRAM.  His close proximity to the regulators and to the market enables a close view of the UK and European markets in which he has considerable experience.